Chatterboxxx Presents Mercedes Carrera

For our next exciting series of Chatterboxx, Wally and I were able to catch up with the lovely boricua Mercedes Carrera.  As we enter the world of Mercedes, she shares her thoughts on the feminist movement, her dedicated support for the troops, mandatory condom use in sex scenes, views on free speech and more.

Sincere: Hello Mercedes, how are you doing?  Can you tell the fans where youre from and how old are you?

Mercedes: Hello, I’m 32 years old and I was born and raised in Southern California.  Although, I’ve moved around a bit and ended up back in Los Angeles.

Sincere: I have read somewhere that you have an IQ over 140 and you was a aerospace engineer as well.  What was your major in college and would you mind sharing with our audience your technical background?

Mercedes: Well, my IQ has been measured as approximately 160 actually, but this was awhile back and I am going to bet I’ve killed quite a few brain cells since then. :) As we know, having a high IQ doesn’t mean one always makes the smartest life decisions so I don’t put too much stock in it, although I do have a great ability for technical problems and mathematics. I went to college for engineering, worked in aerospace and later business electronics, and then AV engineering work for the mainstream tv/film industry. From there I kind of fell into a performance role since I knew so many people in the mainstream and later adult industries.

Sincere: What made you decide to enter the world of adult entertainment?

Mercedes: It wasn’t my intention actually. I was doing production work and had a model profile up to actually scout for other models for a project I was working on. I was doing some modeling on the side to pick up extra cash and started getting offers to do porn. At first I thought it was ridiculous, but when I saw the pay rate I figured, why not? Would be fun. And worst case I’d do a scene and if I hated it no big deal. There’s so much content on the internet, unless you’re trying to be a star it’s unlikely you will be. I did a few scenes, found out I love performing and the rest is history. 

Sincere: Does your family know what you do for a living and are they supportive of your decision?

Mercedes: The people who matter to me know what I do and are supportive of all of my life decisions.

Sincere: I have met plenty of women in the industry who are college educated and have their own business ventures.  Unfortunately, some people tend to judge and believe people who are in porn have low self-esteem, who are from broken homes, on drugs, etc.  What are your thoughts on peoples misconceptions about the industry?

Mercedes: I believe it’s people’s own discomfort with their own sexuality and desire for exhibitionism that lead them to project negative assumptions onto porn performers. It is also the false narrative that has been pushed by both the anti-sex left and the anti-sex right that anyone who expressed themselves sexually outside of what is deemed “socially acceptable” must be damaged in some way. I believe those who have a negative perception of porn performers are really telling us more about themselves than they are about the performers.
I know a great variety of performers and we are just people, like anywhere else. Ok, sexy, fun people, but still people nonetheless. In my experience performers are no more damaged than the general population and in many ways are more at peace with themselves than your average office employee. Because I’ve worked in quite a few industries, I have a lot of experience from which to make my assessment, and I find that performers run the gamut. Some of the young performers like to party, but they are also the same age as many college kids who party even harder.
People want the porn performers to be “damaged” because then they can give themselves an excuse as to why they cannot or will not live life out loud like performers do. I believe people want an excuse to not have to live their life to the fullest, and by painting all performers out to be dysfunctional it gives people an excuse to not have to face why they aren’t willing to break the mold and fully express themselves.

Life is short, and it’s important to embrace every moment. Performers are better at this than your average people who conform to society’s norms. This is why people watch them! They are willing to self express and BE in ways others are afraid to.
Sincere: A few days ago, you just finished a scene with Prince Yeshua.  Is this the first time you have worked with him and would you like to work with again in the future?
Mercedes: Yes! I just worked with Prince! I really hope I get to work with him again- he’s an incredible performer and also a great man. I really appreciate him. I can’t wait for people to see the scene. It’s pure fire!
Sincere: What are your thoughts in regards to mandatory condom usage in adult scenes?

Mercedes: I believe condoms should be a choice left to performers. I personally do not like them. Think of it this way- the average sex scene can take anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours to film. This is MUCH more challenging to do with a condom. As a woman, over time condoms can irritate the delicate vaginal tissues causing micro tears. Incidentally, these micro tears can make one MORE susceptible to infections. Additionally, the current industry standard 14 day testing protocol with RNA testing for HIV is so accurate and sensitive, there hasn’t been an on set transmission of HIV since 2004. Think about that. Over 50 porn scenes filmed every singe day yet not one on set transmission in over 11 years (and that was back when the 30 day test using the less sensitive Eliza HIV test was utilized). Our testing protocols work, and the people telling the world otherwise have their own agenda for control and money. That’s all it is. I don’t know any performers who like doing condom scenes.

Sincere: If you had the opportunity to do a scene with a famous celebrity.  Who would it be and why?

Mercedes: I don’t need to fantasize about having sex with celebrities because I have sex with the top porn performers in the world! And I guarantee the performers I get to fuck are better at it than any celebrity!

Sincere: One of the many things I respect about you is your views on politics.  I was watching one of your YouTube clips in which you have called yourself a political atheist.  Truthfully, I feel the same way, as I am annoyed on what is going on in Washington.  You are a big proponent of free speech, which is a right all Americans cherish.  Do you believe that bills such as the Patriot Act and the NDAA are a threat to our constitutional rights?

Mercedes: I believe free speech is the cornerstone to liberty. Without free speech we do not have a free society, simple as that. The Patriot Act, NDAA and other bills have definitely limited our free speech, but I don’t believe this is anything new. If you look back at the Sedition acts in the 1950s, you’ll see people have always been persecuted for speaking unpopular ideas (often truths). So, while I am concerned about the current limitations on free speech, I don’t believe that we have ever truly lived in a free society. Some groups of people have always had more freedom than others in the past. For example, when looking at the founding of this country- land owning white males were the only ones with the privilege of freedom of speech. In many ways we are more free to speak now, in total, but with the interconnectedness of technology we are also more likely to be penalized for speech that threatens the status quo.

Sincere: Do you believe political correctness have made people afraid to speak their minds?

Mercedes: Societally the push for political correctness has been an ongoing trend since before I was born. Societies that are wealthier, as we are in the first world, have more time to tone police themselves. In some ways this was started with good intentions, but when people are afraid to tell the truth because of fear or penalty culture will stagnate, which is what I believe we are seeing now.

Sincere: We always hear politicians say, support the troopsbut enough is not being done for them once they return back to the states.  Unfortunately, they are not getting the proper health care and we have some that have become homeless.  The politicians have turned a blind eye to the issue.  However, you took it upon yourself to not only bring awareness but also set up a charity for the troops.  Can you explain what youre doing behind the scenes to support the troops?

Mercedes:  In many ways the plight of the veteran is a class issue. While we no longer have an active draft, the men and women who enlist are largely from the working and poor classes. As a result they are viewed by the “elite” commanding forces of society as gun fodder and little more- disposable.  Once discharged (and often dealing with psychological or physical issues as a result of their service) they are treated as burden on society rather than human beings who took great risks. The politicians do not care, as they are too busy raising funds for their next election and pretending to do care about society while making back door deals and embezzling funds. They certainly are not concerned with adding funding to the VA that they could pocket otherwise. Thus, it comes down to people to try and help the best we can. I have a real soft spot for the plight of veterans as there are/were many in my family.  Ive been doing some podcasts with veterans to share their experiences and using my platform as a way to help fundraise for veterans in need. We are actively working on doing more, and Im constantly on the lookout for ways to be of assistance. The Wounded Warrior Project is fantastic, and even though the VA gets a bad rap, there are many good people working within the bureaucracy there who are trying their best to help with the limited resources they are given.

Sincere: You have been critical towards the feminist movement and there are some people who feel they are ambulance chasers.  There are some who feel they are not very supportive in regards to women of color.  I personally do not not remember them supporting your fellow colleagues Christy Mack or even Cytherea.  Do you believe they are selective opportunists who use women to push certain agendas?
Mercedes: Current modern third wave feminism is very much for wealthy caucasian women. They never have been and never will be concerned with the plight of women of color. There’s a reason, even during early suffrage, the white suffrages wanted to exclude people of color from the voting process. So, in that way this is nothing new. Now, it’s easy to want to make this about race, but ultimately it’s really about the marginalized vs privileged. Women of color are marginalized historically, and so are sex workers. So, it’s no surprise the privileged third wave “feminists” treat sex workers and porn actresses with the same disregard they treated people of color with during suffrage. The current feminist movement is more concerned with limiting how white men may enjoy life to be all that concerned about the various real world issues facing women (many of color) around the world.
Sincere: If you had the opportunity to change one political issue in Washington.  What would it be?

Mercedes: There are so many issues in Washington, I don’t know if there’s an answer to be honest. Although, I do have to say collusion between corporations and politicians is the current political trend that I believe will be the ultimate downfall of our society.  In fact, I believe corporatization of politics is already here and has been for a long time.

Sincere: As a woman who is of Latin/Native American heritage.  Have you ever dealt with racism in the adult industry?

Mercedes: The racism that still exists in the industry is largely in the category of “IR”. When I first joined I had no idea what IR (interracial) meant. As a mixed race woman, EVERY scene I do is “interracial”. Evidently though, in porn, IR means “sex with a black male performer.”  I personally think it’s an absurd delineation, which is why I didn’t make a big deal about doing scenes with black male performers. I don’t demand more money for it either (a common practice in the industry).  I wouldn’t like it if white male performers required more money to work with a Latina/Native American woman than a white one, so I won’t do that to performers of color. Besides, it’s 2015 and I think the delineation outside of some very specific types of scenes is ridiculous. I get that wanting to watch black men fuck white women is a fetish (a popular one!) and can have its own term, but I don’t think it’s “interracial” when a latina from a mestizo family fucks a black man. I just don’t. As for personally being affected by racism, there are several sites that do IR scenes which I believe won’t shoot me because I’m not white enough. To be frank, that’s completely fine with me. I don’t want to be anywhere I’m not wanted. I’d rather have less of a racial overtone to my scenes anyway.

Sincere: Any chance that you may come to EXXXOTICA in Edison, New Jersey this year to meet your fans?

Mercedes: I don’t have plans to, but convince me otherwise and I just might!

Sincere: What kind of music do you enjoy listening to and who are your favorite artists?

Mercedes: Sorry for the trite answer but I really listen to just about everything. I like classical, EDM, R&B, jazz, hip hop, country, world music etc. My musical taste is very diverse. I really enjoy good movie soundtracks. My favorites are “The Mission” and “Gladiator” soundtracks.

Sincere: Outside of the industry, what do you enjoy doing on your spare time?

Mercedes: I’m kind of outdoorsy- I like open spaces and fresh air. I try to get out of the city whenever possible. I also read a book, and am pretty bookish. I have a couple of small science projects that are ongoing, I like to volunteer whenever I can, and I play the piano. 

Sincere: Before we wrap things up.  I would like for you to participate in a word association game.  Can you give me one or two words on the following people I will ask you about?  Starting with Prince Yahshua? 

Mercedes: Prince- truly a King! Passionate, sexy & smart.

Sincere: Mark Ashley? 

Mercedes: Intense, skilled, fun.

Sincere: Cytherea? 

Mercedes: Beautiful, strong, gentle.

Sincere: Bonnie Rotten?  

Mercedes: Brilliant, competent, hot.

Sincere: Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Any last words for your fans and where they can follow you on social media?

Mercedes: I love you all! Thanks for talking with me. You can find me on Twitter at @TheMercedesXXX or on Instagram @BasedMILF.  Send your fan and hate mail to me at

Photos courtesy of, New Sensation and Mercedes Carrera.


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