Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Apathy - Summer Of Sin

New music from Apathy from the upcoming EP CC: Weekend At The Cape.

Green Street Ft. ScienZe & TreZure Empire - Beijos

Green Street presents a bonus track titled Beijos featuring ScienZe & TreZure Empire from their album The Will To Win, produced entirely by Renassiance.

Capcizza (Art Of Lyrics Show) In Harlem

Allentown, PA emcee Capcizza returns to the Art Of Lyrics at Camaradas In East Harlem, NY.

Louie V Gutta Featuring Trap St Moe X Trap St Nooch - I On't Understand

Philly's renegade rapper Louie V Gutta recently released a diss track aimed at Meek Mill. Louie recently signed a deal with philly based label Trap Street. Check out the new single from Louie V titled I O'nt Understand featuring rap Street artist's MOE and Nooch to kick off #TrapStreetTuesday.

Dame Dash On Joie Manda's Title; Calls Out Combat Jack

For those who think Dame Dash should go away...think again. Dame was recently on Vlad TV as he speaks on the difference between the entrepreneur mentality and the employee mentality, in which he states it's simply not having a boss, it is someone who is willing to put up their own money for ideas that are not an automatic guarantee.  

Dame also questions why someone like Joie Manda who hasn't done anything for the culture is the President Of Urban Music at Interscope.  He believes the title alone is racist and it should be held by someone who is a part of the culture.  Dash even calls out Combat Jack in regards to his interview with Joie.  Very interesting views from business mogul Dame Dash.

Mistah F.A.B : MicrophoneBully Exclusive takes you behind the scenes with Mistah F.A.B's studio session with producer DJ Boy Wonda. Then the crew follows Mistah F.A.B to Sirius radio to link up with DJ Envy to kick a hot freestyle.  Then they went to Webstar Hall to link up with Capone and Noreaga.

Kid Vishis feat Royce Da 5'9 - Coward (produced By Chase Moore)

Kid Vishis has released his new album "Timing Is Everthing", and to celebrate its release, Kid Vishis and his older brother Royce Da 5'9 collaborate on their new banger titled "Coward".  Produced by Chase Moore.  Purchase "Timing Is Everything" on ITUNES.

Cormega Talks About Today's Generation; "Industry" Single

Cormega speaks on the corporate stranglehold in hip hop in regards to spins on radio, his new single "Industry", his advice from his grandmother and more.