Interview With Dedrick Jamaal

Dedrick Jamaal is an up and coming artist that is making his name known on the internet with his first video "Broadway" and with the release of his new mixtape titled "In Time". 

Instead of riding the wave and mimicking what is popular.  Dedrick separates himself from the pack as he releases new material with a message.  His hard work is being noticed with his new single "Ain't Nuttin' Better" featuring Hey Daam.  I had the opportunity to interview Dedrick as he speaks on his mixtape "In Time", his upcoming projects, connecting with his fans and more.

Sincere: What’s good Dedrick?  For those who are not familiar
with your music.  Can you tell the world where you’re from and how long have you been rapping?

Dedrick: I'm doing good fam and I'm from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  I've been rapping for about 3 years now.

Sincere: Who were your early influences coming up?

Dedrick: My influences are definitely Lil Wayne, Jay-Z and Kanye West.  Those are the three artists that changed the game.

Sincere: Your new single “Ain’t Nuttin’ Better” seems to come from a personal space involving the women in your life.  What made you decide to share your personal side to your fans?

Dedrick: I feel like becoming more personal is the only way to allow the listeners to really get to know me.  I want the fans to feel like they really know me and where I'm coming from.

Sincere: How long did it take for you to complete your latest mix tape “In Time” and who assisted with the production?

Dedrick: It really didn't take long at all.  Maybe a month to record.  I've been writing for future songs throughout the process.  The producers that's on "In Time" are The Untouchables, Nate Rhoads, Cojack and a few others.

Sincere: Are there any plans to release a full-length album in the near future?  If so, have you decided a name for your album?

Dedrick: That's a good question and I do.  I have another project coming out in the next few weeks that I did with my label mate Dylan Cage called "Journey Of Kings".  I think people will like the project.  It's more in depth than "In Time" is and people will get more on my story and who I am as an artist.  Right now, I'm in the studio preparing for my debut LP "T.A.T.A (This Ain't The Album), which I plan to release next spring.

Sincere: The internet has really helped a lot of independent artists build their own fan base, sell their music and merch without any help from a major label.  If the opportunity presents itself, would you sign with a major or stay on the independent route?

Dedrick: It really depends on what makes sense for my situation.  The more we establish my name and brand, the more a label would have to bring to the table for it to make sense to me.  So I really can't give an absolute answer to the question.

Sincere: What separates you from the average artist?

Dedrick: I feel it's my passion and skill set.  I can rap, sing, do poetry and write.  So I bring a lot to the table as an artist.  I'm also very passionate about the music and can't give my listeners nothing short of my all.

Sincere: If you had the opportunity to work with one artist that you truly respect.  Who would it be?

Dedrick: I would have to say Kanye West.  That would be crazy.

Sincere: Any last words for your fans and where can they find you on social media?

Dedrick: Just thank you for the interview and everyone supporting what I have going on.  It's truly a blessing and keeps me going.  You can find me on instagram: @dedrick_jamaal225, Twitter: @dedrickjamaal and soundcloud:



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