F.Y.I - ameriBLACKKK

After releasing the single, "These The Times (Don't Judge)", featuring singer Kaye Fox, Los Angeles-based emcee F.Y.I. presents his new album ameriBLACKKK.  The album is produced by Compton beatsmith Sir Jon Lee, long-time collaborator Rich Kidd (Drake, Talib Kweli), and 2One2 from New York.  Peep what F.Y.I has to say about the creation of ameriBLACKKK below.

 "I was inspired to create this album with the idea of pushing the reset button," says F.Y.I. "Basically, starting over and erasing the century-old beliefs and labels about race and class especially as it pertains to black people and America. With change comes a new name and a new identity and new way of letting society know this is how things should be when it pertains to me and this is what I value. I'm woke. I'm present and I will not be deceived."


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