Ivan Dorn - Beverly (Music Video)

Ivan Dorn has generated over 4 million views with his last single "Collaba" as he is a major player in the European-pop scene.  The Ukraine pop star scores with another banger for the summer titled, "Beverly" which reminds me of the early disco era of the 70s.   Dorn details the video: "'Beverly’ is a music thriller, which keeps you in suspense for the whole song. It displays varied moods to the listener. One of the best guitar solos I’ve ever heard is in this track (don’t get me wrong, not just because it’s mine haha),” Dorn tells Magnetic. “Also as an author I could say that the best track is that one which is written without any pressure, so that’s exactly about 'Beverly!' As for video - it’s one of the most pink themed music videos I’ve ever done!" 

Ivan Dorn's upcoming album "OTD" drops in November.  Purchase "Beverly" on ITUNES.


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