Mr. Complex - Forever New (Album Review)

Artist: Mr. Complex

Album: Forever New

Label: Independent 2017

Production: Others

        Mr. Complex is not new to this. An honorary name notoriously knonw for the lyricist lounge and the Rawkus days. Mr. Complex has shared the stage and studio booth with an array of artists. One thing Mr. Complex still comes with him: his wordplay. Mr. Complex returns finessing the game introducing his new album "Forever New".

        Mr. Complex keeps his energy flow consistently in the project. The title track "Forever New" featuring Maya Azucena starts with a smooth flow as Complex explains the confusion in today's hip hop game over a perfect beat with simple kicks. Tracks like "Then Was Then" featuring Truth Enola brings up the tempo spitting over a boom bap beat dropping knowledge to the youth while "Journey" proves Mr. Complex can hold the mic solo going back to memory lane on how he got put on. 

        Two things you can't take away from Mr. Complex on this album: his vivid story telling expertise and beat selection. The heavy kicks on the remix to "Stormy Weather" brings out the hunger energy out of Mr. Complex and Tiye Phoenix. Mr. Complex describes his feelings over the bouncy "King Kong Love" expresses his ideal love making quests. The xylophone infused "Lesbo Flo" entices a one night stand sexual affair with a lesbian who turned salty after he settles with another woman. The beat fits well with the chorus: baby girl, you are my world/you are my world, I can't let it go/it is what it is, so I'm gonna let you know/this is your lesbo flo

          The guest appearances fit well with Complex's delivery. "Look at What You Did" featuring Anna Simpson discusses the trifling ways of the opposite sex. Prince Poetry, Sadat X, General DV, and Nadine offer an assist on the harsh realities of life in "Gotta Get Home" and O.C. tag teams with Complex making "Beat Yo Ass" valid under the ominous production with angry kicks to it. Georgia Anne Muldrow serenades on the somber track "So Sad" as Mr. Complex reminiscences about the Golden Hip Hop era and Caitlyn Riedel adds some spice in "Pleasant Surprise" as Mr. Complex soliloquy stems from his own lens about self reflection: sometimes you just gotta fall back and reevaluate your life/let me tell you something, hip hop is not your wife. Mr. Complex ends it well by sending his love to the supporters and his years putting in work on "Shout Song".

           Forever New is two folded which may attract old and new fans: it has a nostalgic hip hop era flow with a new refreshing feel. This project suits well with the true hip hop heads while gravitating to the new. Mr. Complex adapts well with this album without any 808's or trap kicks or snares. Mr. Complex proves that if it ain't broken don't fix it. With 20 years in the game, Mr. Complex didn't change a bit and still gets the props he deserves. 


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