Sicknature - Copenhagen Kaiju (Album Review)

As hip hop keeps evolving, some artists still hold on to the true essence of boom bap beats and witty bars. This includes producer/rapper from Copenhagen, Denmark Sicknature. As a member of the production team Snowgoons, Sicknature puts in work for hip hop artists ranging from Vinnie Paz, Ill Bill, PMD, Onyx to name a few. Four years later from his debut opus "Nature of the Contaminated" Sicknature returns pointing that he got skills behind the mic and on the boards with his EP "Copenhagen Kaiju".

This EP brings out the powerful slamming production and catchy hooks. Sicknature brings the aggression side through his lyrics on his first single "The Rapper, The Producer". The title best expresses how Sicknature places the kicks perfectly with the loops while "The Running Man" pushes the envelope on how Sicknature can hold the track down on his own.


The guest appearances best suits the album in which Sicknature places different themes behind it. The uptempo second video "Make It Land Heavy" brings the synergy between Sicknature and Napoleon Da Legend. Dopenhagen brings back to the essence of the turntable scratching behind the scenes while Sicknature brings Manus Bell and Mr. Malchau while Filet Mignon hits home with Sicknature teams up with Hellfire and Pacewon and Too Brutal sends the high energy with Ruste Juxx and Face.

Copenhagen Kaiju is an EP that symbols the real true essence of boom bap hip hop music that hardcore fans can enjoy. The epic sounds blended with an array of production sounds goes well with the lyrical cadence from Sicknature. More innovative with heavy punchlines and less personal than Nature of the Contaminated, this project shows that Sicknature can juggle both hats as a rapper and producer by standing on his own.


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