Chatterboxxx Presents Alana Evans

In our new Chatterboxxx series, I was able to do a little Q&A session with the lovely Alana Evans.  Alana is a real down to earth woman who has been in the adult industry for 17 years.  She reminds me of one of those girls you know back in high school who was a tomboy but a freak in the sheets.  Alana is a jack of all trades as she is not only known as a porn star but she is also an avid gamer and recording artist.   I was able to kick it with Ms. Evans as she reveals her love for playing video games, mandatory condom use in sex scenes,, her upcoming projects and more. 

Sincere: What made you decide that you wanted to be a part of the adult film industry?

Alana Evans: I started in the biz when I was 21 years old.  I wanted to be a feature entertainer, dancing at the strip clubs and touring the country.  Working in porn was a way for me to build a name to make this happen.  But I had so much fun making the movies, I never really left to dance.

Sincere: Who is your favorite performer that you enjoy working with the most?

Alana Evans: Over the years, I've met a lot of porn performers that were awesome and fun to work with.  Some of my favorites included Kaylynn, Missy Martinez, Julian, Sean Michaels, Jenna Haze, and Mike Adriano.

Sincere: What are your thoughts about mandatory condom use in sex scenes?

Alana Evans: I've been in the adult industry for 17 years.  I've experienced a lot of things, met a lot of people, and watched the industry change and grow.  I personally don't believe that condoms should be mandatory, but I do believe that it should be a performer's choice.  I think the performer should have the ability and the choice to say if they want to use condoms.  That's not always an option.

Sincere: You have been married to your husband Chris Evans who is also a porn star for 14 years and are also in an open relationship.  A lot of people wouldn’t begin to handle an open relationship.  Can you share with your fans what made your marriage work?

Alana Evans: We will actually be celebrating 15 years in two weeks.  I think the main thing that's helped our relationship work is understanding and accepting each other for who we really are. Sure, I can be a little crazy and a little difficult to deal with, but he loves me no matter what.  That's the biggest thing. He puts up with me LOL.

Sincere: Some women in the adult industry have a hard time telling their family what they do for a living.  When you first started in the business, was your family supportive of the decision you have made?

Alana Evans: For the first couple of years, my family didn't know that I worked in the industry.  Once they found out, everyone without a doubt accepted me for who I am and the choices I've made.  I've always had a level head on my shoulders, so my family knew to respect my decision. 

Sincere: The usual stereotype about the adult industry is that a lot of the women are from broken homes, molested or on drugs.  However, I’ve met a few women in the industry who are very intelligent and have their own business ventures.  What goes through your mind when someone makes negative statements about the industry?

Alana Evans: Unfortunately it's not necessarily a negative statement about the industry, but it is more a common fact.  Unfortunately, many of the women that I have met in the business have dealt with having troubled lives.  That doesn't mean that going to porn is a bad thing.  I had a troubled life, lost my mom at a young age, dealt with some sexual abuse issues, but I used the industry to provide for myself and my family.  The industry actually has helped me heal from the traumas I've been through in my past and to be proud of myself and the life that I've built.

Sincere: Outside of being an adult film star, you are an avid gamer.  How long have you been a gamer and what are your favorite games that you like to play?

Alana Evans: I have been a gamer my entire life. My very first system was an Atari 2600, I used to write programs on my little Apple Macintosh, and I was one of the first kids on my block to own a computer.  I've been playing role-playing games, first person shooters, puzzle adventure games, and horror games for as long as I can remember.  Some of my favorites include Gears of War, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Banjo and Kazooie, Crash Bandicoot, Zelda of course, BioShock, Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty.  I play just about anything I get get my hands on. I have 8 different consoles ranging from NES to next gen. 

Sincere: I guess we are both kids at heart when it comes to gaming.  I remember playing the old gaming systems such as Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, etc and my friends and I would use the “cheat codes” to get past the difficult missions.  Even now you can go online and use a cheat code to complete missions.  Are you the type of person that would use cheat codes or would you avoid using them?

Alana Evans: Back in the day we would buy the guides for the game so you could find every single hidden treasure or ways to defeat bosses.  Now I will definitely use a walk-through if I'm a little confused or lost, but the only kind of cheat codes I use are game altering codes.  I love putting in codes into Grand Theft Auto or Mortal Kombat to change the way the characters look or they're fighting styles.

Sincere: You have a website called which features yourself, Missy Martinez, Jacky Joy, etc playing video games online.  What made you decide to start

Alana Evans:  I created PwnedByGirls in September 2011.  I wanted to offer my fans a way to enjoy video games with me.  Initially the website started out as topless gaming, but our fans had so much fun with us, it didn't matter when we put our tops back on.  We found that the industry began to take us seriously, and we've really enjoyed all of the things we've been able to do.

Sincere: I see that you also write reviews on video games on your website which I enjoy checking out.  I saw a YouTube clip of you reviewing the Walking Dead.  As a matter of fact, the new Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 4 is now available online.  Have you had the chance to play the new episode and do you think Clementine will survive past episode 5?

Alana Evans: I Love TellTale Games version of the Walking Dead.  This story has been a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it. I actually like having Clementine as a protagonist. I would be really sad if something happened to her.

Sincere: The Evil Within is going to be released October 2014.  Have you had a chance to see the latest video game trailer?

Alana Evans: I got the opportunity to check out the Evil Within at E3 a year ago. It is one of the scariest games I've ever seen. It's not a combat game, it's more about running and getting away from the characters. I can't wait to play.

Sincere: Have you ever thought about doing voiceovers for video games?

Alana Evans: With my radio background and voice experience, I have always wanted to do voices for video games. I'd also like to get into voiceover work for other kinds of projects such as animated cartoons and things like that.

Sincere: You are a woman of many talents.  You have released your new single “Make You Love Me”.  Who is responsible for producing the track and how long have you been singing?

Alana Evans: I've been a singer my entire life, but it was something that I always kept a little bit more private.  I've been in numerous choirs and grew up in theatrical productions.  My father was a musician so I guess I got my skills from him LOL Murv Douglas, the bassist for Lords of Acid, has been working with me on all my music.  He is an incredible musician and I really enjoy working with him.

Sincere: You were also featured in the Lords Of Acid video a few years ago titled “Pop That Tooshie”.  I can tell you really enjoyed being featured in that video. How did you hook up with Lords Of Acid?

Alana Evans: I became friends with the bands manager over Twitter (LOL) kind of a small world. I have been a huge fan of theirs since the 90s, and when they went to finish their last album, Deep Chills, they asked me to be a part of it.  I recorded with Grammy award winner Chris Vrenna from Nine Inch Nails and Gnarls Barkley.  It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.  It was this experience that gave me the confidence in my voice and the support from the musicians involved that help me realize I had a gift I needed to be using.

Sincere: Are there any plans of you releasing a full-fledged album?

Alana Evans: I've been working with Murv the last few months, focusing mainly on music, and we're hoping to finish the album soon. I released my second single, Perfect, and we'll be releasing the music video in the next couple of weeks.

Sincere: Are you a fan of hip hop?  If so, which artists do you enjoy listening to?

Alana Evans: I love hip-hop music. I have been listening to it for many years. Rap and R&B are also favorites. I love everything from old school NWA to Eminem. These days some Jay Z, Drake, or Lil Jon is chill. 

Sincere: If you had the opportunity to do a scene with a famous celebrity.  Who would it be and why?

Alana Evans: No questions... Manu Bennett. He played Crixus on Spartacus. He's so damn sexy. 

Sincere: Besides the glamour and glitz, what is a normal day like for Alana Evans?

Alana Evans: If I'm home, it's video games non stop. Or maybe binge watching a show on Netflix lol

Sincere: For any young model that wanted to get into the adult business, what advice would you give them?

Alana Evans: Stay true and never do anything that you don't want to. Regret is never worth it. 

Sincere: Before we wrap things up. I would like for you to participate in a word association game.  If you can describe in one or two words about the individuals I will ask you about. What would it be?  Missy Martinez?

Alana Evans: Amazing Girl

Sincere: Chris Evans?

Alana Evans: My Boo

Sincere: Mr. Marcus? 

Alana Evans: Bad Choices

Sincere: Tiffany Mynx?

Alana Evans: An Idol

Sincere: It was an honor conducting this interview with you.  Do you have any final thoughts or shout outs? Also, how can fans reach out to you?

Alana Evans: Be sure to check out my website, check out my music on iTunes, and follow me on 

Special thanks to Wally Thrasher for playing a big part in setting up this interview.



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