A Conversation With Dus and Eloh Kush

Fans of hip hop culture are always looking for something new and fresh on the horizon.  Unfortunately, with the lack of originality and the constant barrage of repetitiveness on the airwaves.  Some artists feel that is the only way to be discovered by following the wave.  This isn't the case with the likes of Dus and Eloh Kush.  The talented duo have been making music for a minute now.  With the recent release of the Ambassadors LP featuring Tragedy Khadafi, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Roc Marciano and a few others.  Dus and Eloh Kush continues to push the limits as they are preparing on their upcoming releases for 2015.  Solo Vibes was able to catch up with Dus and Eloh Kush as they discuss their upcoming project titled "AngelDus", working with legends such as A.G., and El Da Sensei, their thoughts of hip hop being a young man's game and more.

Sincere: What’s good fellas? Can you tell the fans where you’re from and how long you have been making music?

ELOH KUSH: Peace. I'm an Exit 9 New Brunswick, NJ representative.  I've been creating music since I was very young. Maybe around 9 or 10 years old.

DUS: I'm from a small borough that well, the readers out there probably never heard of. Spotswood, New Jersey.  I've been producing for close to ten years now.

Sincere: Who were your earlier musical influences coming up? 

DUS: My home was heavy on records by artists like Barry White, The Dells & The Temptations. Both my parents also played instruments. My father was a skilled trumpet player and my mother played the acoustic guitar rather well. A lot of times even entertaining my brothers & I.  It was definitely a combination of the two.

ELOH KUSH: Howling Wolf, Stevie Wonder, Rick James, Slave, Sly & Family Stone... It depends one the stuggle or celebration my household has that day.

Sincere: Dus, what are your weapons of choice when creating a beat? 

DUS: When I'm focusing on sample-based material, I usually start with my portable Numark turntable to search for different loops and chops to consider.  I then use Audacity to cut my samples.  Lastly, I utilize the latest version of FL Studio to sequence everything.  As of late though, I've been experimenting with Maschine and live instrumentation.  Both of which, I'd like to incorporate into my future projects.

Sincere: Dus, I definitely enjoyed your last project titled “Ambassadors” featuring Tragedy, Roc Marciano, Spit Gemz, Shabaam, and Eloh to just name a few.  How long did it take to complete the Ambassadors and what is your favorite track off the album? 

DUS: Sincere, thank you very much for your kind words and for appreciating our efforts.  The album took roughly two years to complete from start to finish.  As I reflect on the album, I find it extremely difficult to answer which track may be my favorite.  I'm incredibly proud of the the entire album and appreciate the effort and time put forth by every artist involved. Although, to entertain your question.  I would have to say "Among Us" featuring Killah Priest.  Only because, I feel it served as the cornerstone of the LP. The first song recorded for the album. Where it all began. 

Sincere: Napoleon Da Legend is making some noise in the underground scene.  How did you meet up with Napoleon and what made you decide to include him on the album? 

DUS: I bumped into Napoleon while attending the 2011 Rock The Bells festival on Governors Island.  He had approached me with the CD he was promoting at the time, "Mythologie".  From that point on, all I remember is him & I heavily engaged in the discussion of Hip-Hop.  After we spoke, contacts were exchanged. Then, I listened to his album. The rest is history. 

Sincere: The both of you have completed your project titled “AngelDus” which hasn’t been released yet.  Can you share with us who will be on the project and do you have a release date? 

ELOH KUSH: Yes, indeed. Allow me to answer this question if I may, Dus.  We have my Angelz Inc. brothers, Giffy da God, Glorious & Lord Sun. Talented singers Khamisi, Desiree Castro, Redd.  The poet Seshat Ali.  My comrades John Robinson, Stahhr, El Da Sensei and AG.  We're exploring the possibility of releasing the album as early as this summer. 

Sincere: Tell us about your work with legends such as A.G. & El Da Sensei.  What was it like working with these talented artists?

ELOH KUSH: It's a blessing to be working with Hip-Hop icons and legends who you came up listening to as a wild youth.  I mean, you're speaking of El Da Sensei... 1/2 of Newark, Jersey icon duo, The Artifacts. And A.G., is A.G. . D.I.T.C. , Showbiz & A.G. man listen.  But, more importantly than just have these two brothers on the record are the lessons they both shared with me.  Priceless jewels about longevity as well as the approval of my darts.  Good brothers who are true to their word and took time out of their busy recording/tour schedule to look out for a younger emperor. 

DUS: As my brother Kush had just mentioned, I also feel the experience of being able to set foot in the studio which such talent is worth it's weight in gold.  I too, thank them for their time and efforts.  I can't wait to share the music we've created together. Nothing short of amazing. 

Sincere: Will there be a possible Ray West/Eloh Kush project dropping anytime soon?

ELOH KUSH: Indeed, there is. Ray West is a very authentic, genuine & talented producer. A brother who I have a lot of respect for.  For both him and A.G., word up.  Look for the Eloh Kush & Ray West/Red Apples 45 release soon... Titled, "Bronx & N.J. Connect"

Sincere: Eloh, the song “Initiatez” was a unreleased track produced by John Robinson of Scienz Of Life and is getting some good feedback online.  Do you have a definite date on when your upcoming project with John Robinson “Ebony Ronin” will be released?

ELOH KUSH: Peace to the god, Sci a/k/a John Robinson.  My comrade & brother on this journey.  Yeah, we are striving for this year sometime and actually, he didn't produce the track "Initiatez". It was done by his brother Id4windz of SCIENZ OF LIFE, who is also featured on the track. J.R. produced all the other songs on "Ebony Rain". Which, is about 50% done.  We just gotta lock in and complete the EP. 

Sincere: These days the producer and the artist are emailing music to each other and are not in the studio together like they use to. Do you believe that when both parties are not in the studio together it would ruin the chemistry?

ELOH KUSH: It can, depending on what you're searching to get out of a record.  I mean, if you have a certain creative energy you wanted to capture it may hurt the process.  Again, I feel it depends on a lot of different factors.  Is it a song?  Are you working on a complete project?

DUS: I believe that it all begins with any existing relationship between the artists.  Unfortunately, due to circumstances out of your control, you're not always able to get into the studio with every emcee.  As with any effort, you really have to do your best to communicate. 

Sincere: Unfortunately, there are some that believe that hip hop is a young man’s game. You have legends from different genres that are still touring, making records, etc.  Why do you think hip hop has that stigma of being only for the youth? 

DUS: When you think about it, Hip-Hop started as a youth movement, correct?  So, to me, it's perfectly understandable as to why this stigma may still be discussed.  Although, to say the culture is only for young people is ridiculous. 

ELOH KUSH: Hip-Hop is a cultural lifestyle.  So, those that actually live the lifestyle can't be phased by that preconceived notion.  It's true that the youth bring the fire but, it's the elders which give guidance on how to keep the fire lit. 

Sincere: A few radio stations have switched from the mainstream hip hop format to playing the throwback classic hip hop we all enjoy.  As a result, the ratings have been booming.  With this change, do you think radio may also test the waters once again and break new talent?

ELOH KUSH: I really couldn't tell you.  I haven't listened to the radio or the format of breaking artists in years and, if there are any artists on this independent route that are expecting radio to help (Laughs) Yo, the world is literally at your fingertips. Network for your net worth. 

DUS: It's possible. But, what's 'new talent' to radio stations who's bottom line is profit margin?  Most likely it'd just be the next overly funded, marginally talented, pseudo Hip-Hop act and I use the term Hip-Hop very loosely. 

Sincere: If the both of you had the opportunity to work with one artist or producer. Who would it be and why?

ELOH KUSH: Brother J of X-Clan is the artist for me.  He's ill and would help mold me as an emcee.  A producer?  Not really sure. That's a difficult answer for me at the moment. 

DUS: If I had the opportunity to work with one artist, I believe that would be Nas. Why? Because in my opinion, the man is one of the greatest emcees to ever step foot in the booth.  I truly would like to hear him over my production one day.  It may sound far fetched but, you asked right? (Laughs)

Sincere: We are all fans of this wonderful culture. So I have to ask the both of you this question.  Imagine an epic rap battle featuring two rap heavyweights between NAS and Black Thought of the Roots. Who in your opinion would win? 

DUS: I believe my answer can be found in the response to your previous question.

ELOH KUSH: Black Thought (no further elaboration)

Sincere: (Laughs) Thanks for taking the time to conduct this interview with me. How can the fans reach out to the both of you and do you have any final shout outs? 

ELOH KUSH: Thank you, Sincere, for the great interview and sound questions.  I can be reached on twitter @ELOHKUSH, www.facebook.com/HALOHEADZ and at www.soundcloud.com/ElohKush

DUS: Yes, thanks once again, Sincere.  For the platform to speak about our album and upcoming releases. You can connect with me on Twitter @DusJustBlazed, at www.soundcloud.com/Mydus or visit www.dusjustblazed.com for some of my latest tracks.


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