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Wally and I are back with another Chatterboxxx series with the sexy bombshell Porsha Carrera.  Porsha has been in the game for a minute and has appeared in adult films for Bangbros, Elegant Angel, Black Ice and many more.  The L.A native had the opportunity to chop it up with us about the misconception of the porn industry, life as a porn star, squirting, racism, and more. 

Sincere: What’s good Porsha, can you tell the fans where you’re from and how old are you?

Porsha: Hello. I grew up in Los Angeles. I am 27 years old. I have been performing since 2009. 

Sincere: What made you decide to enter the world of adult entertainment?

Porsha: I enjoy having sex and making it look pretty. I like to defy the odds that a pretty girl is stuck up. I like to show that being a female can be powerful. And a women's energy during sex is a powerful force to be reckoned with. 

Sincere: What is life like as a porn star?  

Porsha: Well I have had my ups and downs.  It's pretty much a fun life where you get to make your own rules and work on your own time.  In this industry you get what you put out.  So putting time and dedication into yourself is key.  You have to be very brave to live life as a porn star.  You lose connections with family and friends sometimes that hurts a lot.  But the fun parts are dealing with some of the people in the industry who are very nice. 

Sincere: Who is your favorite performer that you enjoy working with the most?

Porsha: Wow!!! I miss Bella Moretti. She was sooooo beautiful and her energy was addictive. She got married I think and left the industry. 

Wally:  You are known for your infamous squirt scenes.  Why don't more girls squirt in porn? To me that's a personal goal every time I fuck to get the girl to squirt. 

Porsha: Most girls think they cant do it. Squirting is something I learned how to do in the industry.  It is not always something looked upon as traditional sex. I think that might be the reason. 

Sincere: The misconception about porn is that a lot of the females are from broken homes, molested or on drugs.  However, I’ve met a few women in the industry who are very intelligent and have their own business ventures.  What goes through your mind when someone makes negative statements about the industry?

Porsha: Well, I’ve seen it all. I’ve seen people come from all walks of life get into this industry.  There are plenty of smart women with goals in this industry, but it gets a bad wrap. There are plenty of girls from broken homes who find a safe place in the industry. Instead of girls selling their bodies on the streets, some of these girls can market themselves better and make money to make a difference in their life.  I think this industry saves some people and kills others.

Sincere: The adult entertainment world has suffered due to illegal downloading and the easy access to free porno.  Some entertainers are making ends meet via snap chat, dancing at clubs, etc. Do you feel it is harder for new females to make great money in porn as it was maybe 10 years ago?

Porsha: OMG!!!! Way HARDER!!!!! I remember when twitter first came along and I started to tweet. But so many of my accounts got deleted. Yes dancing in clubs is an awesome way to get money. And the porn stars that are learning to evolve with the times will be the ones who last the longest. The older generations of people have to catch up with all the technology coming and going well others have been making major money in the mean time.

Sincere: There are people who feel that Ghetto Gaggers is degrading to minorities.  What are your thoughts about Ghetto Gaggers?  

Porsha: I never liked Ghetto Gaggers from the first time I saw it.  I thought it was really degrading.  I thought that anyone who could do that was weird. I remember seeing some of the synopsis would say stuff like this black whore and her crack head mom!!! Wow!!  No one is ever going to disrespect me like that for any amount of money. Some of these girls really like racial role-play.  I'm just not into it. 

Sincere: Have you personally experienced racism in the adult industry?

Porsha: I have experienced soooo much racism… I have turned down scenes because I felt disrespected. 

Sincere: If you had the opportunity to have sex with any celebrity, who would it be?!!

Porsha: I like Shemar Moore and the Rock. They are both nice guys and very hot!!

Sincere: A lot of celebrities hit up porn stars privately on social media via DMs for dates and sexual encounters.  Have there been celebs blowing up your DM? You do not have to name names if you don’t want to?!

Porsha: I don't kiss and tell...

Sincere: If you decided to not join the porn industry, what would you be doing now?

Porsha: I would be probably traveling and helping people. I like to create good energy and pass on blessings. 

Sincere: What do you do for fun outside of work?

Porsha: I am into everything!!!  I like to do outdoor stuff, travel, workout, cook, volunteer, and keep family as close as possible. 

Sincere: Being that this is a music site, what kind of music do you like to listen and who are your favorite artists?

Porsha: I like soulful music and reggae the most!!! I love music of all types thou. I grew up in LA so we had a lot of different cultures smashed into each other and I learned so many different genes. But of course I love trap music also…! !

Sincere: For any young model that wanted to get into the adult business, what advice would you give them?

Porsha: It is so different now in this industry. I would tell them to try to get as much as possible done with the people you trust the most.  There are so many ways to market yourself on your own. Just open the computer and start researching what he or she really want. And stay focused on that goal. Get an agent and talk to people and ask questions. And be open to new changes. People are willing to help if you can help yourself. 

Sincere: Before we wrap things up. I would like for you to participate in a word association game. Can you give me 1 or 2 words on the following people I will ask you about? Starting with Rico Strong? 

Porsha: Big dick

Sincere: Justin Slayer? 

Porsha: Miami dick

Sincere: Sara Jay? 

Porhsa: Miami pussy!!

Sincere: Misty Stone? 

Porsha: good pussy!

Sincere: It was an honor conducting this interview with you.  Do you have any final thoughts or shout outs? Also, how can fans reach out to you?!!

Porsha: Final thoughts....Just want everyone to love themselves and love others.  My twitter is @porshacarreraxx and my IG is

Photos courtesy of, Reality Kings and Porsha Carrera

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