Eloh Kush and Budamunk - Fly Emperor (Album Review)

Artist: Eloh Kush and Budamunk

Album: Fly Emperor

Label: Independent (2017)

Producer: Budamunk

            The evolution of hip hop comes along way with different sounds and simpler lyrics. Being born in the hip hop era becomes harder for emcees to keep the original format of boom bap and lyrics. Jersey's Eloh Kush keeps the origin of hip hop going without selling himself short. Eloh Kush teams up with Japan's producer Budamunk for their collaborative project "Fly Emperor".

            "Fly Emperor" starts off with Eloh talking to his fans on "Bushido Poemz". The bars from Eloh keeps the standards within the hip hop culture as he drops the knowledge of Television and liquor, things that kills us quicker. The impressive aspects of solidifying musical chemistry between emcee and producer are shown on the title track "Fly Emperor". The production from Budamunk brings out the hunger from Eloh Kush on the track "The Mind" where he paints a perfect picture with his lyrical wizardry. 

            The guest appearances mesh well on this project sharing a common theme of spitting bars. Eloh Kush teams up with 60 Second Assassin on "Katana" while "Unfading Glory" featuring ID4WINDZ and Yasin keeps the listener on their toes with Eloh spit the bars with putting ghost peppers on my victory cuz my preference/it's spicy when I taste it, she said peace greatness. Eloh trades knowledge with Scienz of Life's John Robinson on "Immortality" and "When The Sky Crackz" featuring Angelz Inc intensifies lyrical precision over the dark murky Budamunk production.

             Fly Emperor keeps the simple aspects of collaborative albums consisting of one emcee and one producer. The cohesion focuses on the artist and the producer steering away from the bland soundtrack feel albums with guest appearances on every track. This is an album for the listeners without pressing the fast forward button. Hopefully, we see more collaborative projects from Eloh Kush and Budamunk.



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