Great Good Fine Ok - Change

Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, is rising synth pop duo Great Good Fine Ok.  The duo has released numerous EPs to great fan fare and their previous single "Find Yourself" have amassed over 29 million Spotify streams and they have no plans of slowing down anytime soon. Great Good Fine Ok presents their new offering, "Change," from their upcoming EP dropping in the summer. The duo explains what the concept of their new single is about below.

  ‘Change’ is about falling in love with the way someone is at a specific moment in time, and hoping that they won’t ever change. In many cases people are multi-dimensional and are the products of their past, in both positive and negative ways. There is nothing worse than the fear of falling in love with a version of someone that won’t last. The song asks ‘Is having a change of heart a real thing?’ We all experience changing our minds, but maybe the heart knows exactly what it wants all along and we just have to let it win” states Great Good Fine Ok.


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