Marvel's Spider-Man for PS4 (Review)

     Marvel's Spider-Man for PS4 is easily my favorite Spider-Man game I've ever played. There have been many great Spidey games over the years like Shattered Dimensions and Ultimate Spider-Man, but this one eclipses them all.  It starts off another busy fall season of gaming on a high note, and I'm going to go into detail why this game is so great.

Technology is our friend and it's never been more true than now. With the power of modern systems, creating a game where you feel exactly like Spider-Man has never felt as real as it does now. From web swinging, to fighting bad guys, to dramatic moments fighting crime, everything feels as if you're watching a movie, except it's you that's controlling the action on screen. And what a gorgeous visual that is on a PS4 Pro as the second you get a chance to swing through New York City, you get beautiful HDR effects and visuals that truly make this world come alive.

The combat system while resembling the Arkham games is slightly less forgiving because of the number of moves Spidey can pull off. It's not just punch and dodge when your Spidey sense appears, you can use objects in the environment against enemies, executing Arkham like knockout moves when your focus meter is full, and so much more. There are also gadgets such as your trust web shooters and spider-drones. It's a lot to get used to but over time throughout the story and stopping random crimes, you'll have plenty of time to practice. 

One area the game gets absolutely perfect in my opinion is it's selection of  costumes. Everyone knows superheroes occasionally change their clothes from era to era and games will usually give you a few options on your character's look. This game gives you over 25 different options! From classic, to Infinity War to some surprising inclusions, there are a ton of costumes and most come with their own ability you can freely swap out regardless of the costume you're currently wearing. It's huge fan service in a game filled with it and the amount of easter eggs in it kept popping up the more I played.

Spidey's world of New York City looks gorgeous and full of life and being a New Yorker myself, captures a lot of the detail and hustle that goes on in peoples everyday lives. As you swing through the city, you'll notice subways's like the 1 line's representation in Harlem, city landmarks and some Marvel one's too such as Avengers Tower. The game area is confined to Manhattan but what you get is a huge map with things happening not just on the streets, but rooftops as well as indoors. It's a remarkable sign to see how far we've come in gaming and Insomniac has done both Spider-Man and New York City justice in this game.

The story is well told and you will spend time controlling Mary Jane as well as Miles Morales as shown in many previews. The plot focuses around main villain Mr. Negative and as you battle him and try to stop his master plan you'll have to balance your civilian life working at the lab with your mentor as well as whatever Peter has going on with Mary Jane. And of course who could forget Aunt May. The gang's all here and it's an enjoyable story with plenty of side missions to keep you distracted. 

With a year that included PlayStation exclusives God of War, Detroit: Become Human and now Marvel's Spider-Man, the exclusives just keep coming. If you needed a reason to finally buy a PS4 or a PS4 Pro you have another one now as Insomniac knocks this one out the park with a masterpiece. Here's hoping this is only the start of a bigger Marvel universe on PlayStation for many years to come. 

Screenshots courtesy of Insomniac Games

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