Asia Kays Talks About Startenders, Plastic Surgery, Making New Moves and More with Q The Question

 Asia Kays is one of the hottest and newest startenders/models coming up in the industry today. The sexy Asian Doll has built up a crazy social media following that even though in a oversaturated market of models and popular startenders looking to make a wave in the industry a unique appeal and look will always shine. You can catch her regularly bartending time to time at popular spots in NYC and Philly such as Johnnie Blue, Empire, Galaxy West and more. Check out this exclusive with Asia Kays on her rise, what's next up, and much more. 

Q The Question: What is your nationality? 

Asia Kays: I’m Vietnamese and European 

Q The Question: You doing your thing but with so much competition what makes Asia Kays stand out from so many of the other women doing the same thing?

Asia Kays: Well some women do it because they like the lime light and they want the attention. I do what I do because I’m a peoples person and I love what I do. I’m very passionate. Getting to converse and interact with people let’s you see how everyone has their own unique characteristics. You learn how to do with people a certain way. It’s like a street therapist. 

Q The Question: How do you feel about the stereotypes startenders have in general? 

Asia Kays: People do it because it’s what’s in. I do it because this is what I love doing and it’s not just a job I pour my heart out into my drinks. 


Q The Question: Plastic surgery is huge now in this industry and many girls have it who work in the club scene.  What is your take on it and the potential health risk? 

Asia Kays: Well my opinion is do what makes you happy. Some people do it to be comfortable in their own skin. Always make sure you look into the doctor you’re going to. Weigh out your risk factors. Everyone’s body is different. Always do it for yourself and not the public eye. 

Q The Question: Now you're a hustler and all about your bag as well.  What are some of your next plans coming up as 2018 comes to an end? 

Asia Kays is featured in Dave East "My Dirty Little Secret" video

Asia Kays: Well my goal is to always better my craft. I love skits and acting. So that’s what I’m going to work on. Most importantly working on being a better person. 

Q The Question: Now being a startender/model is tough and you meet many men who are full of shit and name drop. Talk about how hard this is to deal with and the unprofessionalism of many men who claim to be big shots and when you ready to talk business now they offering you out on a date. Gotta be irking right? 

Asia Kays: Well honestly I don’t pay it any mind. It depends on what kind of woman you are. How you take things and how you carry yourself. People try who they feel like they can. Always set your value high so when they come they know to come correct. 

Q The Question: I always say women like you need a male representative to speak for you to cut off the bs. 

Asia Kays: I agree it’s a male field. They will try to get over on you once opportunity is presented. 

Q The Question: Now let me ask this how many DM's you get a day from thristy men trying to holla? 

Asia Kays: LOL ummmmmmm I don’t even keep track of it to be honest. But it’s too many. 

Q The Question: Have you ever had any "famous" men slide in your DM's? 

Asia Kays: Yes LOL

Q The Question: Now I know you can't say any names but any special surprises that made you go wow? 

Asia Kays: Not really I’ve done seen it all in this field. 

Q The Question: How you feel about the big issue where strippers felt yall startenders was taking their money? Because startenders are the new wave. 

Asia Kays: Well I feel like it’s enough money out here for everyone. It’s a hustling field. People are gonna tip who they want to tip. Everyone has their good and bad nights. 

Q The Question: Would you make a good wife? 

Asia Kays: Yes I’m a hell of a woman. I’m old school. My grandma raised me. 

Q The Question: What qualities do you look for in a man? 

Asia Kays: Loyalty, honesty and communication. 

Q The Question: What are some of your favorite hobbies? 

Asia Kays: Working out, reading, I’m very hands on so anything out doors. 

Q The Question: Favorite food & restaurant? 

Asia Kays: No specific food but I’m not crazy about pizza and definitely no pork!!!!! 

Q The Question: 3 words for men who don't tip? 

Asia Kays: Tip how u weigh!!! If not go stand in the back! 

Q The Question: How can people reach out to you and where to follow you? 

Asia Kays: People can email me directly at and also follow both of my pages on Instagram my main page is @asia.kays and my back up page is @asia.kays_

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