Aye Wun - Old Morals, New Blessings

Queens artist Aye Wun part of the group Broken Home family has always kept listeners on their toes with his sharp lyrical content. The heavy spitter continues to enlighten us presenting his new project "Old Morals, New Blessings". The title track brings the old school vibe that complements his flow. Aye Wun delivers an apologetic yet sarcasm delivery to the world with "Lo Siento" while getting assistance from Joccusto in United Nations and ends the track with grown man thoughts on "Add Da Lessons".

Old Morals, New Blessings EP has a deep story blending with dope soul sampled production handled by Aye Wun himself along with Mark Kuartz that has a nostalgic east coast feel. The direction of the EP resembles the similar path of keeping the musical morals of soulful boom bap production while enhancing the lyrical cadence. For a youthful age, Aye Wun cultivated and old soul that best defines the EP. Seven solid tracks is all you need with a well balanced project. Aye Wun has the talent arsenal as an emcee and a producer. The Queens broken home brethen will continue to keep making dope music.


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