DUS: Working With Willie The Kid, Upcoming Collab EP "City Lights," and more

Sincere: DUS, let's get to your upcoming collaborative EP "City Lights". How many tracks were recorded and what can fans expect from this project?”

DUS: Willie and I recorded 8 tracks for the EP, with all but one of the songs included on the final release. As of now, we have two singles on deck with Jewelry and Dreaming featuring Blue Raspberry. ...Listeners can expect to hear a little grime, mixed with a high dose of soul and funk. 

Sincere: How is this album different from the previous collaborative albums? 

DUS: I’d say it’s different in a couple ways. When the creative process initially began, I realized that this would be the first time I’ve teamed up with an artist outside of the NYC area, so I’d definitely say that’s worth mentioning. This EP also has no featured emcees, which is a huge diversion from my past projects such as Ambassadors or Angeldus. 

Sincere: Describe the track "Dreaming" with Blue Raspberry? 

DUS: It’s a lyrical journey through the ins and outs of dating, the expectations (or lack thereof) and experiences that come along within relationships. …A story telling track, combined with an ethereal vocal backdrop. 

Sincere: When the both of you were putting together the new album, City Lights, Were the beats based on what Willie the Kid writes or was it a selection of pre-made beats to choose from? 

DUS: We ended up adopting a couple different paths throughout the course of things. When we began, there were loosely-knit concepts we wanted to make sure we included in the album. For these tracks, I believe it was important for me to present Willie with instrumentals geared towards our initial ideas, even if they were pre-existing. …Many times I missed the mark and had to rely on a future beat making session to better capture the feel. 

Sincere: I notice this album has one artist and one producer. In early Hip-Hop, there’s an infusion of albums made with one artist and one producer. Do you see this format making a comeback? 

DUS: Yeah, actually I do see it making a comeback and I believe it’s been happening right in front of our eyes. …I think within each new era of producers comes a select few that emcees end up gravitating towards. Not just beat makers, but artists that are able to create a cohesive “sound”. Whether, it’s the next Kanye West, Alchemist or Madlib. 

Sincere: You’ve worked with many artists including Eloh Kush, Tragedy Khadafi, Roc Marciano among others. What do you look for in an artist to work with? 

DUS: There’s only one thing, and that is… genuine faith in their craft. I have to believe what they say in their lyrics, who they are and what they represent. So, I have to believe in them. And, they sure as hell have to believe in themselves. 

Sincere: What do you think about the state of hip hop nowadays? 

DUS: Lately I’ve been trying to look at things with an open mind. Today, you have what seems like whole new genres evolving OUT of Hip-Hop. But, you know what? That’s okay, because that’s what evolution entails. When things remain the same too long they become stagnant and rap is about staying fresh. …I just hope that new artists don’t entirely forget about the elements fans once reveled in. 

Sincere: Who are some of the artists you're listening to right now? 

DUS: On the producer side of things, I really dig what DJ Muggs has been up to recently. I mean, back to the whole – one artist, one producer thing. It seems like every time I turn around, he’s doing a whole album with one of my favorite emcees. …I also still listen to Wu-Tang & Mobb Deep. Does that count? 

Sincere: Will there be more future collaborations after City Lights? 

DUS: I have to admit, I haven’t looked that far into the future yet, but personally I would love to do it. To do a follow up to the album with Willie would be incredible. And, now you have me thinking about what it may sound like. 

Sincere: A Willie the Kid posse cut with a beat from Producer Dus, who would you have on it? Willie the Kid featuring..... 

DUS: Okay, okay, I’m going to go with kind of a “representative from each coast” approach on this one. …So, you ready for this? It would be – Willie The Kid featuring Evidence, Curren$y, Royce da 5’9” & Black Thought. 

Sincere: What is next for DUS? 

DUS: Well, I have a couple different things in the works right now... I have a new material with Tha God Fahim that I look forward to releasing soon and just got a track back from Eto that’s hard as f***. I also recently began working on, Fall of Man, with Eloh Kush. Looking like that’s the project that will serve as the follow-up to our 2016 effort, Angeldus. 

Sincere: Any social media handles people need to check out for? 

DUS: You can connect with me at @dusjustblazed as well as @brothersgrimmpublishing


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