Is Shawn Archer The Next Biggest Artist From Philly??

Hip Hop is a very competitive genre where only the strong survive and the weak fall into obscurity. There have always been rappers since the inception of hip hop who have made their claims of being the best from their city or the greatest ever.  Recently, Tory Lanez has made the claim he is the best rapper alive which lead to immediate responses from Don Q, Mysonne, and J.R Writer.

This leads me to SKE recording artist, Shawn Archer whose music I have shared numerous times on this site.  Shawn's video was featured on Philly Scoophall's Instagram stating that he is the next biggest artist from his city.  Shawn's 56 second video clip reminds me of an authentic WWE wrestling promo as he chastises his competition.  The Philly native has called out artists who were making snide comments on his page but not putting in that work to succeed.  Truthfully, there are a lot of talented artists from the Philadelphia area and I am sure Shawn's comments will rub people the wrong way.  One thing for sure, he will have people take notice and watch to see what he has in store next.  

As far as his claim of being the next biggest artist coming from Philly?? I will leave that for the fans to decide.   Check out the clip below and you can also listen to his latest single, "Catching Feelings."


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