Did Shawn Archer Release The Best Album of 2019??

Shawn Archer's trash talking on social media with his Public Service Announcement videos are really entertaining.  For the past several months, Shawn Archer has released numerous videos getting under the skin of his detractors proclaiming to be the next biggest artist in the industry with the best album coming out for 2019. Whether you love or hate Shawn Archer, you cannot take away the fact he has total confidence when it comes to his music.   Now it is showtime and it is time for the trash talk to cease and let the music speak for itself.  Today, SKE recording artist Shawn Archer does just that as he unveils to the world his brand new album "Everybody Won't Make It." The 10 track album release includes "Power Couple," "Ask Yourself," "Mad," and many more with guest features from Venomiss, Mel Alston Jr and D.Jones. 

Check out the commercial for "Everybody Won't Make It" below.  Do you feel Shawn's new album is the best of the year??  Check it out for yourselves by streaming the album via https://open.spotify.com/album/7JRVjAybM7j976JlVoc49n.


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