Q The Question Says Me & Shawn Archer Are Like Jordan & Pippen

One of the many things Shawn Archer and Q The Question are really good at is grabbing the audience attention with their PSA videos.  After Shawn Archer debut his album "Everybody Won't Make It" last Friday.  The CEO of SKE records, Q The Question continues his trash talk and make it known why SKE Records is going to be an unstoppable force in the industry. 

 In his interview with HipHopVibe.com, Q continues to throw shade at up and coming artists who spam people online instead of actually grinding to make things happen. The SKE CEO says that he and Shawn Archer are the dynamic duo and compare themselves to Styles & Jada, Kobe & Shaq, Jordan and Pippen.  Q's arrogance is off the richter scale as he continues to get under the skin of his detractors. Watch the clip below. 


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