Shawn Archer - Everybody Won't Make It (Album Review)

Artist: Shawn Archer

Album: Everyone Won't Make It

Producers: Epik Da Dawn, Brandon Lee Beats, Ace Bankz and Majestic Drama

Guest Features: Venomiss, D. Jones, The Winston Dogs, Mel Alston Jr.

The city of Philly always has remarkable talent and you can't argue the litany of artists that are well known. From the playful artists like Will Smith, the Broad street Bully spitting gully bars like Beanie Sigel to the pit bull in a skirt Eve, Philly holds it ground. This includes an artist that is blatantly bold and will not back down from competition name Shawn Archer. Shawn Archer has made himself a controversial figure welcoming the hate with his braggadocios wrestling style public service announcement promos. Don't take Shawn Archer lightly, he made strong buzz off the promos including the party/hood balanced joint "Catching Feelings". Now Shawn Archer is coming back hard with the satirical yet bluntly honest title for his project "Everybody Wont' Make It".

The "Intro" is self explanatory of paths people take in life. Shawn Archer takes the listener to his world as he paints the picture of the lack of focus within people and no role models. He narrates the harsh realities of not saving everybody in the hood because not everyone will make it to the promise land. It describes the premise of the album. The ominous production of "Ask Yourself" speaks for itself as Mr. Archer defines the contradictions of the average individual asking if you wanna be a savage or a king/if you wanna be a bad bi**h or a queen. Shawn Archer teams up with Jersey's female artist Venomiss as they candidly calls out people actions and challenge their wishy washy gangsta.

The album picks up the pace with a fast tempo tracks like "Mad" and "Hustler's Prayer" when Archer sarcastically brags about his fortunes pointing at the haters who are tight at his success. Mr. Archer relishes with a confident swagger telling the haters he's the best at getting that bag on "Mad" while "Hustler's Prayer" takes grinding to the next level assisted with D. Jones on chasing the bag while always on the move.

The project will not be a true project with another public service announcement on "Breaking News (skit)" as Archer makes satirical commentary to pique the listeners curiosity. He makes no bones in commanding respect with a Kanye skit and calling himself a genius. "Kanye's Ego" best describes his cockiness about being the best artist in the world taking Kanye as his alter ego featuring the Winston Dogs.

Now Mr. Archer solidifies himself with the party bounce "Power Couple" that brings a balance between club banger friendly and booming in your vehicle vibe. Mr. Archer describes the essence of relationships stressing the lame ones that are slacking and advertises himself as the real one telling the baddies to boss up and get these millions with him: "hair done, nails done, everything did/got your own job and you got your own crib/drive ya own car, pay your own bills/what's missing, that's a nigga who's real, let's make a power couple.

"Dope 2.0" gets serious when Archer gets his bully on while still keeping the consistency of high level confidence. Despite the calling out artist, the album gets somber. The sentimental "This Song Is 4 U" embodies portions of remorse to the haters with a humorous twist. Archer shows love to the people that thought he wasn't amount to anything but gives a blank you if you don't like him and "Spread My Wings" featuring Mel Alston Jr. captures the album's maturity setting in as Archer describes the traps in the hood and wants to strive for greatness. Showing now regrets seeking out and winning.

"Everybody Won't Make It" solidifies the harsh realities of people making tough decisions while thinking of a way to get out. One thing Shawn Archer satirically specifies while heighten the levels of bravado is for people to put on their big drawers on and strive for excellence on their own or get left behind. This project is a worthwhile listen despite the overt sarcasm, it has a learning experience of paying attention to the future of money and success, not people averting you with social roadblocks. Despite the critics and hate, it doesn't bother him, at least the Philly "rabble rouser" backs it up.

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