Beau Diako featuring Raelee Nikole - Flutter

After dropping his stellar debut "Buttermilk" in August, Beau Diako returns with his second offering, "Flutter," featuring Raelee Nikole. 

"For Flutter I wanted to create a track that could be subtle and dramatic at the same time, with bright imagery of butterflies, flowers and fireworks. I decided to stick with orchestral sounds over some smooth chords and centred the structure around a cheesy guitar solo in the middle. The song features beautiful vocals from my friend Raelee Nikole in LA, there are also a few nice moments from Noah Slee somewhere in the mix too - Beau Diako 

“I wrote the lyrics while walking through Elysian Park in East LA. I put the track on repeat and let it be the soundtrack to everything happening around me: trees swaying in the wind, the mid-morning sunlight on the hills, pairs of butterflies that seemed to be waltzing in the sky..” - Raelee Nikole 

Flutter is now available via your local streaming platform:


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