Dcypha Fires Back At Taiyamo Denku: Proclaims He Invested in CyphaDen and all Guest Features

After my interview with Taiyamo Denku was released yesterday morning. His former producer Dcypha immediately reach out to me as he wanted to tell his side of the story.  Of course, I gave the Australian native the platform to speak his mind and give his reasons on why he and Denku had a falling out. In this interview, Dcypha shares details on how he was the mastermind who financed all the business dealings and features for Milwaukee hip hop artist Taiyamo Denku. 

Sincere: You have reached out to me in response to the interview I did with Taiyamo Denku.  I know that you are not happy with the comments he has made about you.  I want you to give me your side of the story on what happened between you and Denku.

Dcypha: Well this happened awhile ago.  It was a dealing he had with a guy called Danny Morrison and for a feature for Cassidy. For me another feather in my producer cap and what I set out from day one to do.  Work with well known and legendary emcees as it’s on a bucket list.  It was one chunk of money and not a small sum which was 100% my money.  This was the start of Cyphaden's problem MONEY, MONEY, MONEY.  Dcypha spending thousands of dollars to make a rapper somewhat famous on social media even to the point of paying petrol money, buying clothes for videos and even to getting emcees to studio sessions. Smdfh  As you can see, I am super busy doing life and looking after my family and having a job.  I am a executive chef in a very busy restaurant.  70-80 hours a week.  I know producer/beat maker secondly.  The agreement we had was that the emcee would do the leg work as they can discuss the subject matter and get the song in somewhat of a feel of being in the same room.   So a lot of the time in dealings it would seem as if he had done all the parts of the collaboration.  Obviously, it’s not his money which is why he sent and gambled a lot.  At this point it all went upside down and I was out of pocket.   Plus many other monies sent which he lost in his shabby business dealings. No doubt I kinda made mistakes along the way which is why we are here in this situation.  He went on about how he was broke and I said you can pay me back when you get the money.  All good till I found out he was starting to fund his own endeavors in music which is all good for me but pay your debts.  Denku can work with whoever he wants to.  I have had some other work with other producers and emcees and he would always catch some kinda feelings when this happened.  Yeah weird I say and kinda gay in my opinion.  After all these years sending tons of money in which I have all the PayPal receipts which in fact on him saying 2-3 years since I invested.   It was the 7th of March this year LOL and he was buying features and going on tour with the funds from the music and not giving me one red cent to repay his bad decisions on my money. I kind of exploded about it.  I have spent upwards of 30-40k on music all out of contract.  None were put up for signing. Maybe it was my bad decision but hey I have the sessions.  So it's all good. It kinda leaves us here and why I am responding to these allegations and propaganda about me being a thief.  Bruh, trust me I don’t need to steal shit.  I have always paid and respected artists I worked with and when y’all wanna play some childish little business games I will call u out and as u know in this industry is dirty as fuck on the business side.   A reminder to all in this business.  The Choclair issue is all tied up in this.  Denku owns nothing. He is just like a drug runner.  He has only what he put in to all of this. No money, no features. It's all because I got bank.  Simple facts and none of these rappers will do shit if you don’t pay them.   Which is where I have all the game. Sad shit bruh.  But hey online drama is just that fake.

Sincere: I was going to ask you about the Choclair situation.  Denku claims that you have used Choclair's verse and that you do not own the rights to it.  He has shown me that he paid for Choclair's verse. How do you respond to his claims? 

Dcypha: Like I said in the last question.  I sent him the money and he did the legwork.  Now he claims it’s all him because he did the transaction.  Maybe its his way to show you his actual PayPal transaction receipts from my secretaries account?  There are zero contracts written to say anything.  Choclair chose this beat and it’s the original cause I paid for it.  I should have maybe itemized it when I sent the money but this shit is chump change.  Thousands of my dollars have been sent to him to make these collaborations happen.  Maybe I should stop him from using my features...i.e Kool G Rap, Vinnie Paz, Blaq Poet, Joell Ortiz, Reks, Pep Love, Heiro etc etc etc.  But hey I ain’t that bitter to the issues.  It's just the slander on social media. Man it’s all good that he continue with this garbage .  I will do what I do. I never asked anybody to listen.  This is the first time reaching out to you personally.  I do this for me. Personally, I got some spare money and have a passion for music. The kollab king with other people’s features and at best 3000 followers .Please give me a break.  The world population is 7.7 billion Hahahahahahahah fuckin joke.

Sincere: All good man. I know this is bothering you for awhile as you have called him out on social media. What is up with this claim that Denku is trying to blackball you?  I saw a post that you have created talking about it. 

Dcypha: Yeah like what the hell.  Blackball me when you know all of 10 blogs.  This is the internet bruh and nobody stopping anybody.  I need to be tough bro....Like grow up ya child.  Acting like a gangster after all this common dealings Smdfh  Give a monkey a gun and expect them to shoot straight.   Hahahahah never I let music speak I stay quiet.

Sincere: Damn!!! Now how does Lee Ricks get caught up in this situation. He released a diss record titled "Baboonery" in which he had some choice words for Denku. What was going through your mind when the song was released? 

Dcypha: Denku calling out these guys on social media and basically disrespecting Lee and Bob.  I am affiliated with them in some ways but if there’s an issue like what Lee has stated.   Denku should have given him the heads up in the dms.  He shouldn't have done it in the open.  You see this is Denku's way of getting some parrots to back him.  So he feels some kinda way.   Bad move.  Now he even thinks he doesn’t need to respond.  Man like I said, "I got no need to deceive my affiliates in anyway."  How I felt about the diss?  It’s a good diss and rightfully so.   Don’t use social media to defame or bully people or it will bite back.  Thumbs up on the diss.  Denku blocks me on all social media platforms so I can’t even say anything and his girl is the worst. A Fuckin' parrot.  This is how he spreads his words of wisdom on the matter.

Sincere: From what I am putting together is that this issue could have been avoided if he reached out to you, Bob and Lee. It's unfortunate that all parties involved are at odds. I truly enjoy listening to the music when the both of you were on the same team. If the opportunity presents itself. Would you be interested in resolving this matter with him or not? 

Dcypha: He blocked me because he can’t afford to pay his debts which are expensive to say the least.  It’s cool no issues man.  No need to ruin your social media status on some back and forth.  I wish him well in his endeavors in music.  But using this as leverage to get fans is poison to say the least.  I don’t want to go backwards only forwards so I would say no.  But I do ask that my music shouldn’t be palmed off as his own.  His biggest songs are all because of me which I paid in full.  Kool G Rap, Vinnie Paz, JoJo Pellegrino, plus the Reks "Meet Your Fate" video, Marquee and Big Noyd video.  His cover for Radioactive was paid by me.  I am angry it’s come to this but unblock me so I can call your bullshit as I see it.   That in itself speaks volumes of a fuckboy.  He forgets without me and my sense of investment. He would be the same dude he was 5 to 6 years ago.   The 7th of March was the last time I invested.  So I would say no I can’t deal with a disrespectful, egotistical, megalomaniac.  He even thanks me for giving him the ounce to rap again and we here now Smdfh.  All good brother. We move on but stop this slander and disrespect. No contracts at all and he talking all business. Laughable at least.

Sincere: Basically, you are telling the world you are the money man behind CyphaDen by giving him the features from these well known artists.

Dcypha: He lost some online fame big time.  Ask Domingo this as well. Ask Milkbone this as well.  I spent $15,000 on a NAS track which fell through but that’s another matter.  Like I said, chump change to me.  I was supposed to get T-Boz from Domingo but fell through.  $8,500 for a Lil Kim verse.  Dude I got bank but like I said no need to go over this.

Sincere: I totally understand and I can respect that.  Now what new projects are you ready to drop in the near future.  Who are you planning to work with? 

Dcypha: I got to see the year out.  I am kinda with big bob and esi for the moment.  Dudes are cool and have no weird agendas.  I am going to release an album with songs.  Maybe Denku will have a cry again. I don’t know.  I feel if I do anything he will say it’s his and show some receipt LOL  Yeah Imma drop a album in January definitely and learn to get some contracts signed so this don’t happen.  My lawyer is in the process now. Here is the cover.

Sincere: That's a nice cover.  Well it is a lesson learned for everyone involved and for the artists/producers who are trying to get into the business. The fun part is making the music but the business side of things is no joke and relationships can be tarnished if the business is not on par.   I appreciate you taking the time to do this interview with me.  Do you have any last words/shoutouts? 

Dcypha: Shout out to all who I endeavor to work with and have worked with.  I do this and respect people for their time.  Special shout to out to Lee Ricks and Big Bob.  They are good dudes and thank you personally for taking the time to hear both sides of the story.  It never should have been like this but it is what it is.  Dope site with dope heads. Respect!! Peace 1


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