Dr. Enqi - Rabbit Got The Gun (Music Video)

This ain't serious being conscious can make you delirious. So we live and have fun but I am just saying son. Shit get different when the Rabbit Got The Gun.  

We are living amongst plenty of  frauds and false prophets who are taking advantage of the vulnerable for financial gain.  Dr. Enqi calls out the deceitful ones in his new video, "Rabbit Got The Gun," in response to the rumors of shooting at Umar Johnson.  Dr. EnQi spoke to the feelings of the community being outraged at the scams and fake sh$t! People are realizing Polight probably even scammed Dr. Sebi with the story of Diabetes so many have lost time and money, it's sad. We were all fooled!" He also has an album being released by the United Plates of America based on the urban documentary, SOULCRAFT. The album isn’t about robbing and kidnapping Muslims or conscious teachers, rather, according to Dr. EnQi, it’s Binaural Beat Science and Cymatics in Synesthesia combined with "The Love Below" and "Get Rich or Die Trying" and a splash of "Thank Me Later.”



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