Alexis Lynn - Ghosts (Music Video)

Loneliness is something many of us have experienced. Some are able to overcome their fear of being lonely and others allow their fears to take them under. This takes us to a talented artist by the name of Alexis Lynn. Alexis shares what led up to her writing her new single, "Ghosts." 
Going to an event by myself for the first time ever led me to writing "Ghosts," the song I am sharing with you today. I remember standing at the back of the room, feeling so insignificant and small. I felt like I wasn't interesting, smart, pretty, or experienced enough. Even though on the outside you couldn't tell, the social anxiety felt like it was just swallowing me. I found by talking to other people that we are not so different from each other; everyone has those fears and doubts sometimes. It can be comforting and reassuring to share those feelings. 
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