Taiyamo Denku Sets The Record Straight About Dcypha, The Milwaukee Hip Hop Awards & More.

Sincere: Let’s cut through the chase. For those who are not familiar with the falling out between you and Dcypha. Can you tell us what started the drama between the both of you?

Denku: Well our falling out started half way through promoting " The book of Cyphaden " album. I started working with a new producer on a project and Dcypha got jealous and acted like he owned me cuz of his early investments in the Cyphaden brand.  Did he used to help fund things, yes. However he has not put much of any money into the brand of music in 2 to 3 years now. So once he found out I was investing and putting money into a project with a different producer he proceeded to argue with me and call me out of my name. I believe the exact words were "Fuck you, check your ego you cunt."  I didn't respond with negativity and said well I'll still credit you and release things we had unreleased which was a lot. Then he said, "no fuck you dont use my beats then."  So I started getting Bo Faat the producer I started working with to redo the songs, cuz I owned all those features so I didn't want to not release them. But at this point he was talking shit on social media and such so it was time to go our separate ways. We haven't worked together on new material since probably April when I was prepping the new album for releases. 

Sincere: When you paid Choclair for the verse. Did you and Dcypha sign an agreement in regards to who owns the rights to the verse? 

Denku: Well see we never made contracts between each other cuz we had a mutual agreement of things because I had not planned on continuing Cyphaden without him but the show must go on.  However, everything that still has to be released as far as features go I own and paid for and have the receipts to prove it. 

Sincere: Are you planning to take legal action? 

Denku: Well I started reaching out to blogs who know me and got the song taken off many of them and I am working on getting a " Cease & Desist" form ready to go for when I get off this tour. 

Sincere: Lee Ricks called you out in his new diss record “Baboonery.” Are you planning to make a response song? 

Denku: I asked my community of followers if they want me to respond.  I think a majority just want to see me murder him on a track.  Why should I give some nobody the time of day tho especially when his diss was mediocre at best. All I would be doing is help promoting some wack artist who don't deserve the time. 

Sincere: The 2019 Milwaukee Music Awards is coming up and you have been nominated for two categories, "Album Of The Year" and "Solo Artist Of The Year."  How does it feel to be nominated and acknowledged for your music? 

Denku: I feel great about the nominations. I mean I never feel my city gives me respect or credit for all I do musically so to be nominated by the bigger awards platform in the city feels good. 

Sincere: The CyphaDen brand is well respected in the Milwaukee hip hop scene. Are there plans of releasing a CyphaDen collaboration project? 

Denku: If u mean will there be another Denku & Dcypha project.  No that wont ever happen at this point because of how he has been. Cyphaden tho is a brand I own, so everything I release is under the Cyphaden platform. So yes you will see more Cyphaden branded releases. 

Sincere: Thanks for taking time to conduct this interview with me. Do you have any final thoughts or shout outs? 

Denku: I want to shout out all my fans and supporters even in this attack towards me.  I want to shout out Rambunxious who has repped Cyphaden for years now.  Also my new producer Bo Faat who has helped reshape me as an artist.  I feel you will see what I mean soon.  And I actually want to thank Dcypha for the years of great work together , sometimes things don't work out and its just that time to go our separate ways.  I just wish he wouldn't have stolen and lied about things to make himself or his story credible with others.

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  1. You have no proof, no cease and desist, your basically slandering everybody name without even approaching them about the matter like MAN not like a goof ...prove to the masses you have the rights to it.
    Show everybody you ain't talking shit if not STFU already . If not diss #2 will come out. We give fare warning.